Must Reads for Color Lovers - February

This month's must reads will be all about my favorite obsession: Color! -- Scroll down for link of mentioned items --

Must Reads, published every Month, is comprised of a short list of art-related articles, books, YouTube videos, TV shows, Movies and Podcasts that are worth a look.

How we see color - Colm Kelleher
What is color? - Colm Kelleher I
Intro to Color Theory - Terminology
Colors - Radiolab Podcast
Is Your Red The Same as My Red? - Vsauce
Interaction of Color by Josef Albers
How Color Optical Illusions Work / Color Interactions Explained
Remarks on Colour by Ludwig Wittgenstein
What Color Is the Sacred? by Michael Taussig
Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay
The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay
History of Colors Playlist


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